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Anal Sex

Anal Sex Myths

The society has different perceptions towards anal sex. But, many people have misconceptions towards it. It’s because of these misconceptions that some people shy away from engaging in anal sex. Despite the myths and misconceptions that surround anal sex, there are many people that engage in it. In fact, it’s one of the greatest sexual fantasies that many people have always lived. Here are some of the most common myths about anal sex.

Women Don’t Like It

A common narrative is that even though some women engage in anal sex, they don’t find it pleasurable. This disempowering myth argues that women that indulge in anal sex do it due to coercion from men that need to fulfill personal fantasies. This misconception hinders women from achieving their desires. It also prevents them from embracing their sexuality. But this is wrong because anal sex induces highly sensual feelings on a woman’s body.

It is Not a Thing for Straight Men

Partners of all genders and orientations can enjoy anal sex. But, most men, especially straight men fear or shy away from trying it out. But, this sex is not entirely about penetration. Pleasure is also derived from simple things like kissing, touching and licking the anal areas. This implies that even straight men can indulge in anal play.

Anal Sex is Always Painful

Most people link anal sex to pain. That’s because of bad experiences that some people have endured while having it with wrong partners. Generally, anal sex can cause some discomfort, especially to first timers or when done with a person that doesn’t care. However, it is among the most amazing experiences for couples that love each other. Discomfort can also be due to the failure to use lubrication. When lubricants are used during anal play, the experience is mutually satisfying. It’s also advisable that you start by using fingers or anal vibrators then move on to penetration.

It is Messy

Anus hygiene is among the major concerns for many people when it comes to this encounter.  Although poop can be released during intense anal sex, it is a rare occurrence. What’s more, human bodies are wired to properly handle such situations. If this happens, just rinse the poop and lubricate the anal canal before you continue. Nevertheless, always shower and release yourself in readiness for this sex.

There are also people that think anal sex can weaken anal muscles and ruin their bodies permanently. But, as long as you prepare properly and pay attention during anal play, the experience will be the most enjoyable and memorable for you and your partner.

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