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Charming Women

A Guide for Charming Women

Every man wants to know how to charm women and make them like him. You have probably seen men chatting with girls and making them laugh in delight. Perhaps, you have even heard girls call some men charmers. Being called a charmer by a beautiful woman is a complement that every man wants. Generally, charming women is not about physique, geek quotient, or looks. It’s about wit.

So, how exactly can do you charm women? Charming women is not about flirting or touching their body parts. It’s about knowing how to communicate with women and how to make them feel happy. Here are useful tips on how to charm women.

Talk About Her Likes

To some men, this seems unnecessary. They don’t see the reason to talk about things that girls like. They wonder why women can’t talk about the things they like too. Generally, women are interested in understanding what men like. However, there are times when you should know what a woman thinks and likes. This is particularly important when you want to make a great impression.

Talking about her likes doesn’t mean talking about diamonds, couture, or cosmetics. Today, there is a narrow gap between what men like and what women like. Just avoid sports, calculations, and tech reviews to be fine.

Flatter Her

Getting a woman talk back to you during a conversation is easy. However, this is not enough. To charm a woman, make sure that she feels comfortable. Also express your interest in her. If you just talk to a woman like her friend, she will take you for a great guy. She will also not think you are a charming man. Therefore, make her see your dating potential. To do this, flatter her.

Nevertheless, avoid saying things like ‘you are pretty’ or ‘you look gorgeous’. This is simply not genuine and it’s outright boring. Therefore, complement her with something that’s vaguely specific. For instance, tell her that she looks cute today if she has a new hairdo.

Be Funny

After getting a woman smiling with a great conversation and flattery, get personal. There is a personal space where everybody feels uncomfortable when others step in. Make sure that the woman in question is having great time to make her feel comfortable. It’s hard to tell how to make a woman laugh. However, there are general things that you can try. For instance, share a funny incident with her, whether made up or real. But, make sure that it is easy to relate to. Also be happy while talking to her.


Although men always flirt with women, there are times when ladies consider flirty guys creepy. Therefore, avoid overdoing it. The best way to flirt with a woman is to be casual. For instance, ask a woman what she does after work or over the weekend. Find out what her favorite restaurants and hangouts are. Basically, talk about remotely personal things. That way, the woman will know that you are hitting on her.

Follow this guide for charming women and you will impress any woman that you are interested in with ease.

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